Hello, new friend!

My name is Maya Elaine (They / Them), and I'm a photographer + artist hailing from the ever-rainy, ever-charming Pittsburgh, PA. As the sole owner and operator of Maya Elaine Photography, LLC, I'll be the one working with you every step of the way. From our initial meeting to shooting on the big day — I'm always just an email away. Seriously! My direct email is maya@mayaelaine.com.

I have a background in fine arts and have worked with mediums ranging from painting and sculpture to graphic design and, of course, photography! I'm always looking for the next opportunity to create, adventure, and grow. 

A couple of my loves:

  • My wonderful pets — 3 cats + 1 crested gecko
  • My wonderful partner (and photo + video partner) Michael ❤
  • The outdoors — I love geocaching, hiking, kayaking, and camping!
  • Fashion — I'm super involved in an international alt-fashion scene
  • Language Learning — 我在学中文!





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