dabbling in Details

It's no secret I love detail shots. I highly encourage my couples to schedule 30-45 minutes in their photography timeline for me to capture some images of just their detail items.

I think details are so important that, for each wedding I shoot, I bring a styling kit with me full of backdrops, ribbons, plates, ring boxes, and accessories that match the look and feel of the event. I use these to create layflat images (like the ones on this page), to showcase all your detail items at once.

Detail shots make an awesome addition to your wedding album. They make the day's story more cohesive and help you remember little bits that can be easily forgotten.

prepping your detail box

I ask all couples to create a detail box with all your items ready to go. This box should be located where you are getting ready. While you're getting hair and makeup done, I'll spend some quality time with your items making them look their best.

Not sure what to include in your detail box?

Here are some items I often suggest:

  • Rings (all of them)
  • Bouquet & Boutonnieres
  • Loose Extra Flowers (ask your florist for these ahead of time!)
  • Jewelry
  • Ties & Wrist Cuffs
  • Perfume
  • Shoes
  • Invitation & Save the Date
  • Meaningful Mementos

other reasons why detail shots are the best

Here are a few more reasons why it's worth it to make time in your timeline for me to work with your detail items:

  • Detail shots help you remember the little things - include your cologne or perfume and you'll never forget the name of the scent. (Extra hint: a new bottle of the same scent makes a great, easy holiday gift in a few years!)
  • If you like being in the spotlight, detail shots are a must if you want a chance at your wedding being published. They solidify the look and feel of your day and that's exactly what blogs and magazines are looking for when choosing their highlights.
  • They're just fun! You put so much time and effort into choosing all the small things about your day. When I capture them this way, it creates a beautiful visual of all the hard work you've done planning.

Want to check out more detail shots? Here's some of my favorites!

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